Saturday, October 12, 2013

Welcome to the Inspiring Houston Women blog!

Since I moved to Houston in 2007, I have met many amazing women.  Some were born in Houston, some chose Houston, and yes, a few were less than eager to come, but all of them now love this city and recognize it for the special part it plays in their lives.

These women may have successful careers, wonderful families, strong passions, wild ambitions, creative gifts or deeply held beliefs, but what they share is a commitment to making life better for the people around them – at home, at work and in their community.  They recognize Houston as an inspiration in itself so I want to give the city a chance to recognize some of its own Inspiring Houston Women

Over the next two weeks, I will post my interviews with ten of the many Houston women who inspire me personally so that you too can read each of their unique story.  I will also ask each woman featured to tell us of another Houston woman who has mentored, motivated, challenged, led, befriended or supported her so that I can interview her too.   From one woman to the next we shall aim to form a network of inspiration linking the women of this city.

My list will never be perfect, it is not all-inclusive and it is entirely subjective.  For every woman that is included, there are hundreds who are not but might have been.  I wish I had the time, energy and contacts to celebrate every inspirational woman in this city, but sadly I don’t.  What I will try to do, however, is offer a sense of the wealth of spirit, passion, intellect, creativity and determination which exists among the women of this city by spotlighting just a few Inspiring Houston Women.

I hope you will follow my blog, by email, on Facebook or on Twitter - or all three - and I hope that you will find some inspiration in these women too.

Thank you.


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